After a thrilling start to the year at UNFINISHED BUSINESS Anarchy Pro is already looking forward to the next event TONS OF ANARCHY! Congratulations to Anarchy Pro's NEW Cruiserweight Champion Brad Kevins & another Congratulations to the NEW Heavyweight Champion Mike Anthony! Both of these men had to work hard to earn these titles & will have to work even harder to maintain them. Also Anarchy Pro welcomes the new General Manager Tim "The Crippler" Kelly.

Matches signed for TONS OF ANARCHY:
Grudge Match:
After the match between these 2 men was thrown out by the new GM Crippler Tim Kelly due to a melee on the floor that ended with the referee incapacitated, this match has been guaranteed to have a winner.
Christopher St. Michael vs Natural Born KILLA

Anarchy Pro Cruiserweight Championship:
The New Cruiserweight Champion Brad Kevin's will put his title on the line against a vicious competitor in what will be his last match, Ex-Cruiserweight Champion JEFF TROY!!!

Anarchy Pro Heavyweight Championship:
Before the new Heavyweight Champion won the title he made a promise to Max Holiday that he would give him a title shot right away if he won the belt. And being a man of his word he will do just that at TONS of ANARCHY.
Max The Bruiser Holiday vs Mike Anthony for the Anarchy Pro Heavyweight Championship!!!

Thank you to each and every fan that made UNFINISHED BUSINESS such a huge success.

We hope to see all of you at this next event.