When the championship match ended at February's Tons Of Anarchy , Anarchy Pro was reduced to chaos.

Dark Match
JC Bunyan vs Terry Allen Jones "The Ghetto Superstar"
Winner: Terry Allen Jones with a diving elbow drop for the pin.

In a battle that was filled with strong grapples, spinning headlocks, Jones appeared in control for most of the match. JC Bunyan did make a good showing, with a mid-match rally of suplexes and strong clotheslines.

--- Anarchist Brawl Begins ---

JT Killian then started the event on a sour note, regrettably informing the packed Berwyn Eagles Club that the lines were down and $1 Beers would not be available this month. As a consolation, he gladly announced that $2 Apple Pie Shots were being served in lieu of the drafts.

The Kelly Brothers then approached the ringside area to address the confusion regarding Willie 'Da Bomb' Richardson's employment with AnarchyPro. Tim Kelly said despite Willie appearing on the flyer for Anarchist Brawl, he was fired and no longer a part of the company.

Immediately the crowd hears Richardson's music hit, and he emerges from the curtain with the infamous Chazz Moretti. Chazz happily informs the Kelly Brothers that due to a $50K Injury Insurance Policy and US Labor Laws, Willie did not receive proper notification of misconduct, and therefore cannot be legally terminated.

The Kelly Brothers become enraged, causing Jeff Kelly to challenge Richardson to a fight. Moretti quickly stalls Kelly's aspirations by noting that he is not licensed to wrestle in Anarchy Pro, preventing a match with Willie from occurring.The Kelly Brothers insist they will find an opponent for Richardson before the show ends.


Tag Team Match
Love & Violence VS The Enforcers
Winner: No Contest due to inference by The Flash Brothers

This match up began with Dante DVS & Tiberius Tang challenging The Enforcers to a pose off. As Love & Violence showed flexed their arms, The Enforcers began their attack. After the onslaught of clotheslines, which included the removal of Tiberius' wig, The Enforcers had control of the match. As Love & Violence readied another pose off with their opponents, the Flash Brothers stormed the ring and attacked both teams.


6 Man Tag Match
Damien Tyler, Skayde Jr & Aeroborn VS Chico Suave, Bandolero Star & Discovery
Winner: Suave pinned Tyler for the win.

The match began with Damien Tyler complaining that he did not belong in the match, and taking a seat in the crowd. Skayde and Discovery started the action for their teams, trading arm drags and hip tosses before bringing Aeroborn and Bandolero Star into the ring. Star dominated Aeroborn, culminating with a dive atop his opponent in the front row. Damien Tyler and Chico Suave then took center stage, in what was redemption for Suave after a loss to Tyler last month. Tyler took the offensive, hitting Chico with a flurry of strong strikes, sending him out of the ring and into the front row. Discovery then came to the aid of his partner, as he and Suave both inflicted damage onto Damien Tyler. As action returned to the ring, Suave scored the pinfall over the battered Damien Tyler, and commenced in a dancing celebration before his hometown crowd.

Singles Match
Jack Carpenter VS Joey Brittain
Winner: Jack Carpenter by pinfall after using his briefcase to take out Brittain.

Because of the lack of $1 Beers, Joey Brittain arrived to the match with a cup of water. He declared that whether he won or lost, he would be buying a beer post match. Once the match began, Brittain and Carpenter traded wrist locks, with Carpenter dishing out a headlock and an eye gouge. Brittain followed up with a backbreaker and sidewalk slam that sent Carpenter face first into the mat. The ref was then distracted as Carpenter retrieved his title shot yielding briefcase and smashed Brittain in the head with it. Once the ref regained focus on the match, Jack Carpenter easily scored the pin.

Tag Team Match
Flash Brothers VS The 8Bit Punks
Winner: Flash Brothers by pinfall after double teaming Anarchy while Faye distracted the ref.

The match begins with Flash Harris dominating Aaron Anarchy with a brutal offense, leading to the tag of his partner Flash Daniels. As the Flash Brothers tag each other in and out, Aaron Anarchy appears to be worn out, until he made a surprise comeback with a double Frankensteiner. Flash Harris then delivered a kick to Anarchy's face and the Flash Brothers executed a double suplex onto Anarchy. After a series of suplexes from Flash Daniels, Anarchy finally tags in Damien Cole, who then suplexed Flash Daniels. A reengaged Anarchy then tags back in, delivers a flying head scissors to Daniels, but in turn sustains a flying DDT from Daniels. Flash Harris enters the ring as Faye distracts the referee, helping his partner perform a flying super kick on Anarchy, exiting the ring as Flash Daniels scores the pinfall.

Singles Match
Mike Daniels VS Marcello Spade
Winner: Marcello Spade by pinfall.

The match begins with Mike Daniels inflicting a shoulder smash onto Marcello Spade. Spade then changes momentum by applying a wristlock to Daniels. The two combatants then exchanged reversals, each looking to gain the upper hand. Daniels then threw Spade into the corner for a series of smashes. Daniels was then thrown into the front row where he received a diving body press from Spade. As action returned to the ring, Daniels executed a running backbreaker on Spade. Spade then reverse a lockup into a bodyslam, and hit his finisher. Spade then easily covered Daniels for the pinfall.

Triangle Match
Kevin Kross VS Christopher St. Michael (w/ Nick H.) VS Mason Conrad
Winner: Christopher St. Michael after throwing Kross out of the ring and covering Conrad for the pin.

The match began with AnarchyPro newcomer Mason Conrad taking it easy in his corner as Kevin Kross and Christopher St. Michael traded lockups. Conrad and St. Michael then began teaming up against Kross, executing double suplexes until Kross was thrown through the ropes out of the ring. St. Michael and Conrad then traded reversals until being struck by a double drop kick from Kross off of the top rope. With Conrad beaten on the mat, Kross was thrown out of the ring by St. Michael who then stole the victory by covering Conrad for the pin.

AnarchyPro Midway Championship REMatch
Akuma Okoye VS The Beast
Winner: Beast by submission.

In a rematch from February's Tons Of Anarchy, Okoye and Beast met again for the Anarchy Pro Midway Championship. Okoye attacked Beast before he entered the ring with a series of kicks and strikes. The combatants then traded wristlocks and leglocks before Beast hit Okoye with a stunning suplex. Beast also took damage from the suplex, which led Okoye to climb to the top rope. Beast then rolled out of the path of destruction, resulting in Okoye eating the mat. With a damaged opponent out of commission, Beast applied a chinlock that led to a tap out by Okoye for the win.

After the match ended, Jack Carpenter emerged from the backstage area with his briefcase, hoping to redeem his title shot on an injured Beast. As Carpenter entered the ring, Beast regained composure, which sent Carpenter running back to the locker room.

Singles Match
NBK aka 9 Mil (Escorted By SWAT) VS Buddy Roberts Jr.
Winner: Buddy Roberts Jr. by pinfall after NBK took a police baton to the face from SWAT

NBK was led to the ring in shackles and handcuffs by SWAT, an appointee of Rod Street. Before Buddy Roberts Jr. could remove his hoodie, NBK unleashed his attack. Once Roberts removed the sweatshirt, he regained control of the action. NBK delivered a crippling backbreaker to Roberts, which Roberts countered with a suplex. SWAT continuously threw insults towards NBK, who clearly was wrestling this match against his will. As NBK was thrown into his corner, SWAT hit him in the head with his baton, leading to Roberts covering him for the pin.

AnarchyPro Tag Team Championship Match
Jimmy Blaze & "Jesus" VS Conflict Crew (w/ Nick H.)
Winner: Blaze & "Jesus" by pinfall however since
Blaze has not been employed by AnarchyPro for 30 Days, Conflict Crew retains their Championship titles.

Earlier in the day, Jimmy Blaze received a phone call informing him that Joey Cece was unable to arrive at Anarchist Brawl for unknown circumstances. After Blaze ended the call, he pulled a man off the street, who closely resembled Jesus, and offered him the opportunity to tag with him for the titles. "Jesus" gladly accepted.

As the match began, "Jesus" started being brutalized by Conflict Crew, who clearly had the upper hand in the absence of Cece. Once Blaze was tagged in, the momentum of the match changed drastically. Blaze & "Jesus" then scored the win over Conflict Crew and won the AnarchyPro Tag Team Championship.

After the titles were presented to the winners, Nick H. emerged from the backstage area with the AnarchyPro handbook that stipulated a wrestler cannot win a title until they've worked for AnarchyPro for 30 Days, Blaze was on day 29. Blaze promised he'd regain the titles from Conflict Crew next month.

Main Event
Chief Attakullakulla VS Willie 'Da Bomb' Richardson
Winner: Chief Attakullakulla by pinfall after Jeff Kelly smashed a baseball bat into Willie's head.

Making his debut in AnarchyPro, Chief Attakullakulla was brought in by the Kelly Brothers as Willie's first post "firing" opponent. Willie and the Chief traded corner smashes and punches, before taking action to the crowd. Willie smashed Attakullakulla into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. Once back in the ring, Willie applied a sleeper hold to Attakullakulla that appeared to put him down. While the referee was distracted, Jeff Kelly stormed the ring from the crowd and struck Willie in the head with a baseball bat, allowing Attakullakulla to easily score the pin for the win. The Willie / Kelly's feud deepens. Willie 01 - Kelly's 01.